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Sales Teams Are Embracing Digital Workflow Systems, Should You?

24 May 2017 / by Daniel Richardson posted in Digital Transformation, Workflows, Paperless Office



Back in the 2000s, businesses would have never imagined a time where they didn’t have to invest oodles in shiny custom solutions to manage content and business processes.

These fancy systems promised cost savings, time reductions, transparency…the list goes on. While they did digitise some sales processes (you know, the sexy ones with high ROI and big benefits), they often neglected difficult paper workflows.

Times have changed. You no longer have to hire top-notch consultants to tell you that your workflows suck. Nor invest significant time and money in a custom-built solution to achieve digital transformation. Aragon Research has witnessed a paradigm shift, one where sales departments have ditched these big budget projects in favour of cloud-based digital workflow systems. But why are these systems all the rage? We explore the effects these workflows and systems are having on businesses.

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The Paperless Office: How to Start a Digital Revolution.

27 April 2017 / by Daniel Richardson posted in Digital Transformation, Paperless



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